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Explorer 2 Tent

Cost $155.95
Flat Rate Shipping $17.95

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Explorer 2 Tent

The Explorer 2 Tent is designed to fit sport utility vehicles and minivans with a rear lift gate. Does not fit vehicles with external spare tires.


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Suv tent connectionBottom Corner view of Explorer 2 tentVehicle corner top of Explorer 2Explorer 2 with door openExplorer 2 with door closed

Easy Setup- Bungee cord with plastic coated hooks attach to the vehicle's under-frame. Inverted " T " layout on the insect screen and two way zippers provide easy entry into the rear of the vehicle.
Shock cord draws tent snug against the vehicle. Made from 100% treated polyester fabric which is flame retardant and mildew resistant.
Shock cord under base of tailgate draws tent inward for a snug fit. Includes caring bag.

Colors: Blue walls and tan roof.

Outer door panels fold up and tie back for maximum ventilation, or zip and tie at bottom for privacy. Weight: 5 lbs.

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Size Chart
See if this tent will fit your vehicle


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