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Adventure Truck Tent 2
No Longer Available 

Turn your truck into an affordable RV with an ADVENTURE TRUCK TENT 2! (Conestoga Style) You don't have to break your bank to enjoy the adventure of traveling and seeing the great outdoors. The most spacious truck tent on the market, standing at almost 5 foot tall.

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There is between 145 to 195 cu. ft. of useable space. Ample headroom, easy access provided to truck cab through a zippered vent in front of tent. Large tent interior is ideal for an elevated bed platform.

Superior ventilation is provided by 2 large vents and mesh roof top. Zippered vents allow for privacy while inside.

 Large no-see-um bug proof screen door and roof allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while inside the tent.

Rain fly provides protection from both rain and sun, adapts to 3 configurations and provides outstanding ventilation.

Step by step instruction make it easy to set up your new ADVENTURE TRUCK TENT2 (Conestoga Style).

Light weight and easy to set up. Weighs aprox. 11 lbs. and can be set up in as little as 10 minutes.


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